Our mud run training dates with ex-military personnel will push you to the limit.

Obstacle course training is available to anybody who has booked other muddy races UK and worldwide like Tough Mudder or Spartan, not just Nutters. However, you don’t have to be a seasoned racer to get involved! It’s a great way for beginners and seasoned runners to learn the best techniques to tackle obstacles on all these types of courses. Here at the Nuts, we have a variety of obstacles. How good are our sessions? Don’t take our word for it – read the review on Mudstacle here.

So are you ready?
Sunday 22nd Apr 12:00-15:00
Sunday 6th May 12:00-15:00
Sunday 17th Jun 12:00-15:00
Saturday 14th Jul 11:00-14:00
Sunday 5th Aug 11:00-14:00
Sunday 9th Sep 12:00-15:00
Saturday 13th Oct 12:00-15:00
Sunday 18th Nov 12:00-15:00
Saturday 15th Dec 12:00-15:00
45 minutes

Group Training Session

This session will be tailored to develop and increase core and upper body strength, something lacking in most people new on the OCR scene. It will also incorporate elements of interval training to help build endurance.

15 minutes

Rest and Refuel

Time to take on much needed fluids and grab a snack!

45 minutes

Course Instruction

Sections of the course will be broken down to show the correct way to tackle those particular obstacles quickly, correctly and safely, both individually or as part of a team.

45 minutes

Course Section Race

Now is the time to show that you have taken on board the first 2 sessions. You will now get the chance to run the section of the course that you have been trained on to put it all into practice.

30 minutes

Debrief and Q&A

This is your chance to ask us anything you like, race preparation, what to wear, nutrition etc.

The biggest problem personal trainers see with 90% of clients is poor core fitness, poor gluteal activation & lack of upper body strength. All common problems for people with a normal sedentary lifestyle. We can sort these issues out so that you will be better prepared for your event.