When do entries close?

Once we are full – please book early to avoid disappointment.

Can I change laps?

If you wish to upgrade to more laps this will incurr as £5 per lap admin fee please email info@thenutschallenge.co.uk

Can anyone enter The Nuts Challenge Adventure Race?

You must be 14 years old and above. However, 14-16 year olds must be accompanied around the course with a guardian.17 year olds do not need to be accompanied by an adult.

Do I need to be fit?

All adventure racing fitness levels can take part in The Nuts Challenge. If you have never done The Nuts Challenge or anything similar before and consider yourself not very fit, we advise you to sign up for 1 lap only and you can walk it.

What should I expect?

Lots of crawling on your hands and knees and climbing up river banks and cargo netting in the mother of adventure race challenges. We have lots of obstacles so if you are not sure that you can tackle an obstacle please walk around and go on to the next one.

Do I need to be able to swim?

You will need to be able to wade through water that may be up to chest height.

Can I skip an obstacle?

Yes – if you do not feel confident enough to tackle one of our Nuttie obstacles just walk around it. There are around 100 obstacles in total so you will not be missing out! However, if you are taking part in the Winter Nuts 28k Challenge please read the rules specifically applicable to the Tough Nuts 28k race.

How far is the course?

One lap is approximately 7km. (Please do not underestimate The Nuts Challenge course as there are over 100 obstacles and it can be very physically draining).

How long does it take to get around?

Anywhere from 1 hour to 3.5 hours per 7k (1 lap).

Is parking available?

Yes, there is plenty of parking at just £5 per car.

What to bring with you on the day?

  • A big towel
  • Clothes and footwear to get changed into after the challenge. (A changing marquee is available for your use)
  • 2 bin bags (one for your dirty clothing and trainers and one to double bag it)


There are 2 water stations. Any contestants doing multiple laps can bring snacks and energy drinks for when they lap back round. These can be left at the refuel station as you lap back round.

What should I wear?

Cold weather: 
We recommend base layers, gloves, hat, windproof top and waterproof socks. O
Warm weather: 
Technical tops and running bottoms made of sports fabrics; though please bear in mind that if you choose to wear shorts this may result in grazed and cut knees, similarly if you wear t-shirts expect your arms to get grazed and cut too.

Trainers (Please make sure your laces are tied tightly as they will get sucked off in the mud).

Please see Mudstacle for more info on what to wear here and here.

Are there showers?

We have 3 to 4 very basic shower heads (cold water). Please bring a towel and a change of clothing along with 2 bin bags to store your dirty clothing.

Can I store my belongings anywhere?

There is a staffed key drop area where you can leave your keys when you are off on the challenge. Please leave other valuables in your car; the car park is manned by staff all day.

Do you have a bag drop?

An area is available for you to leave your bags however, this bag drop is not staffed so please leave only non-valuable items. Please do not leave money, cards, keys or phones etc.

Will there food/drinks available?

You will be able to buy food and drinks throughout the day.
We have various food vendors.

Can I bring people to watch?

Friends, family and children can come along and watch. Dogs are also welcome provided they are on a lead.

What happens if I injure myself?

We have separate male and female medical tents.
And onsite medical team provided by Want Medical.

Where are you located?

The address for this highlight of the UK adventure race calendar is:
Henfold Lane, Dorking, RH5  (Sign posted from Henfold Lane)

Can I get a refund?

There are no refunds. Booking protect is offered at time of sign up.
If you purchase booking protect and want to claim a refund please contact them direct on: refunds@bookingprotect.com

Can I defer?

You will be able to defer your place to another challenge for only £10. To request a transfer please email info@thenutschallenge.co.uk.

Can my friend take my place?

You will be able to transfer you place to another person for only £10.

To request a transfer please email info@thenutschallenge.co.uk and we will issue a booking code for the new participant.

How can I marshal?

No obstacle race would run without their amazing marshals!

Marshal one of ours in exchange for a free entry into another of our races* OR a Nuts hoodie.

Winter Nuts 3rd & 4th March 2018

Summer Nuts 1st & 2nd September 2018

*Not eligible for Limitless entry