Qualifying at Nuts for a Championship race or prizes? Read on...

OCR World Championships

The OCR World Championships is run by Adventurey, details are on their website, although note that AG qualification has been waived this year.




Contact: help@ocrwc.com 

You will only be able to qualify for OCREC and OCRWC on Saturday (Sunday has been removed due to Covid 19) during our Summer event this year.  Winter qualification is on Saturday. Please make sure when you register that you tick the ‘I am aiming to qualify box’. If you are unsure of whether you have ticked this box, you can log into your EtchRock account and check/change it.

3k & 15k Age Group Qualifying Criteria: 

    • Top 15 in each age group or complete 4 laps in limitless

3k & 15k Pro Qualifying Criteria: 

    • Top 5 in overall in male / female for 1 lap sprint race
    • Top 5 in overall in male / female for 28k (4 laps)
  • Age group qualifying criteria:
    • Top 10 in age group in 1, 2, 3 or 4 lap races*
    • 5 laps auto qualification via Limitless
  • Elite qualifying criteria: 
    • Top 3 overall in gender in the 1 lap sprint race.
    • Top 3 overall in gender in the 28K (4 laps)

* Note 50% rule applies. Contact UKOSF for further details on qualification.

We have introduced a bib system, gone are the days of wristband cutting!
If you are aiming to qualify, you must collect a bib from the Qualification desk located by the Finish line tent. The colour bib will represent how many laps you are doing and will not affect which championship you are aiming to qualify for.

*any adaptive athletes, please contact us before the event so that we can discuss any needs that may be required on race day. Any adaptations on the day must be pre-approved to minimise chances of disqualification on or after the event.

The Rules!

If you are wearing a bib…:

  • You are expected to complete every obstacle or its penalty loop alternative and run the full course; this includes every lap. This includes every lap you signed up for as this will not be altered once you are on the start line.
  • ALL BIBS (Sprint wave, 13-17, 2, 3, & 4 lappers) must enter the technical area. Signs will be used to direct you. There will be a camera at the split to monitor adherence to this rule.
  • If you are seen skipping an obstacle or part of the course, you will be asked to remove your bib by a marshal, and you will be disqualified from being able to qualify (you can still run the rest of your race).
  • If you are seen to be disrespecting any marshals or other runners on the course, you will be disqualified (it will be the decision of the Nuts Team). This also includes not listening to the marshal’s direction.
  • You are not allowed to receive items of clothing out on course, all changes must be kept to the Transition area.
  • You can remove yourself from qualification if you do not want to do an obstacle that does not have a penalty loop option. Hand the bib over to a marshal and continue with your race.
  • In finishing the last lap, return your bib to where it was collected, and your name will be noted as completed and eligible to qualify – if you leave with your bib, regardless of photographic evidence of finishing, you will be disqualified.
  • You have 30 minutes from finishing to raise any concerns or complaints regarding qualification.
  • Please remember to take your bib with you from the transition area after each lap as no bib means no qualification consideration.
  • The bibs will also make you more visible to other runners and marshals as someone aiming to qualify.
  • Penalty loops:
    • TBC
  • You may not leave the course during your required laps (unless to use the toilets), this will result in disqualification.


Post-race actions:

  • Please then give us 3 working days to post provisional results post-race to verify the list of names. You then have 24 hours from provisional posting to contest any results. Once this deadline has passed, results will be confirmed and posted online, and they will also be sent to OCRWC. It is your responsibility to confirm your OCREC results with OCREC.
  • You will need to check your chip timing results on the day (they are live results) to ensure your results are all present and correct.
  • If there is an issue, please email both info@thenutschallenge.co.uk AND results@racetimingsolutions.co.uk and attach proof, if required. Any proof needed will be verified and screenshots will not be accepted.

We have introduced this as a means of cutting down on accusations of cheating on the course and people skipping obstacles. This has come from the feedback we have received from both runners and marshals, via emails, face-to-face, and social media.

The RIGHT way

The WRONG way

We thank you for your support and happy qualifying!