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About The Nuts Challenge Mud Run

More Nuts

1 lap (7km) is perfect for those of you that want to take on a fun challenge with little experience in obstacle racing. It’s the perfect excuse to just have a go and try something new. There is no pressure on More Nuts so take it at your own pace and only take part on the obstacles you want. This is a popular choice for charity runners, Hen & stag groups and people that just want to give it a go.

Mixed Nuts

2 laps (14 km) is there for those that want to push themselves that little bit extra while still having lots of fun. Many people come back to do Mixed Nuts after completing More Nuts on their first time at The Nuts Challenge. Please note you will need to be on your final lap by 1pm on saturday 5th March 2016 & 2pm on 6th March 2016.

Complete Nuts

3 laps (21 km) are where all the seriousness begins. Many people work their way up to get to this level and above. You must consider yourself fit and active to take on 3 laps as you will be on the course with people that have trained and take part in these type of events regularly. Please note you will need to be on your final lap by 2pm.

Tough Nuts

4 laps (28 km) is the ultimate level in The Nuts Challenge and you will need to be the fittest of the fit to take part. We recommend training for this event. Expect to be on the Nuts course for 4 to 6 hours. Currently our fastest contestant is the World Champion Jonathan Albon @ 2 hours 51 minutes. Don’t forget to bring drinks and snacks as we have a refuelling area. PLEASE NOTE YOU MUST HAVE COMPLETED AT LEAST 1 LAP OF THE NUTS CHALLENGE TO ENTER THIS CATEGORY – YOUR ENTRY WILL BE CHECKED. YOU WILL NEED TO BE ON YOUR FINAL LAP BY 2PM. RULES

We have introduced the ‘Nuttie Scale’ so you can clearly identify what sort of ‘Nutter’ you see yourself as. You can use the ‘Nuttie Scale’ to decide whether you’re taking part for a fun challenge or a tough one.The Nuttie Scale

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016
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