Summer Nuts

7th Sept

Nuts 20 years Anniversary!

Our Nuts assault course turns 20 this year!

Come and celebrate 20 years of mud, fun and obstacles!

Next up is Summer Nuts on Saturday 7th September!

1 lap and 2 lap Classic Fun Mud Race captures the essence of Nuts Challenge whilst being achievable for all abilities.  Laps are approx. 7km with a mixture of terrain, plenty of mud and water and all your favourite Nuts obstacles .

Want to push yourself further? The Sprint Lap is a real race for racers and all obstacles must be completed to keep your bib and qualify for the Euro Championships!

There’s even a non-qualifying sprint lap option if you want to experience the thrill of a fast paced lap without the added pressure of the qualification rules.

The Nuts Challenge Medal

Collect your Nuts Challenge Medal at the finish line and wear it with pride! You've earned it, so make the most of your bragging rights!


Who doesn't love a good race photo! You've taken on the course and earned your medal, now you get to share photos of your muddy glory for everyone to see!

That's why photography is now free for every runner! They're pretty good photos too!